Snap! Raise was inspired by a simple idea: what if our youth coaches and educators had the freedom to focus fully on the work they loved, and the remaining barriers disappeared? 

The average group leader spends 13.5 hours every week on unwanted administrative chores. This burden is tacked on top of a normal day job and time spent coaching, teaching, and mentoring students. 

It is our mission to support youth coaches and educators in their goal to empower the leaders of tomorrow.

Snap! Raise was founded on two core beliefs:

  • That group activities serve a vital role in the development of kids, teaching essential life skills like collaboration, work ethic, and leadership
  • That youth coaches, educators, and program leaders are able to empower kids to pursue their fullest potential when unburdened by financial concerns and administrative chores

We are working to transform a system we were all once a part of.

Every member of the Snap! team is motivated by a commitment to give back to the communities we serve, and we are honored to be able to do just that.


Current Job Openings at Snap! Raise


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