About us

Zenly started in 2011 as a small team of passionate designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs gathered around the idea that frictionless location sharing is the next mobile commodity. Our R&D has brought us to release the best location sharing app in the world ;)

And now, Zenly is the mobile application that lets you instantaneously see where your friends are. We believe that making maps more social and personalised is our opportunity to improve the way people live, communicate and share moments together. Our product empowers people to find themselves, enjoy improvised moments and have fun together.

Our office is big and comfortable with a fully equipped kitchen (including unlimited snacks and drinks), rest areas and sound isolation booths. Everyone at Zenly is provided with a spacious desk and top of the line computer and phone to help you build your own workspace.

We also offer a great package to all our employees including:

  • Handling of relocation/visa procedure
  • Competitive compensation and equity
  • Advantageous health coverage extendable to your family (including super great dental and vision coverage)
  • Flexible time off policy
  • Great environment, with breakfast every morning!
  • Full public transport reimbursement
  • Meal card for lunch
  • Opportunity to build one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands
  • Team offsites in awesome places


We’re looking for an iOS Developer to join us at Zenly! Working from our Paris, France headquarters, you’ll play a key role in building and shaping key features that millions of Zenlyers will use every day!

You’re a iOS Developer who loves to create beautiful consumer products. You’ve developed complex applications with elaborate user interface elements and mixed various transitions and animations. You know that any little detail can impact the user experience and some of them may even require a more in-depth look into any given codebase : startup time, animation frame rate, intelligent error handling and so on.


  • You have a few years of experience in iOS programming, having followed a few evolutions of the platform.
  • You know by heart all the new features of the last 5 versions of iOS, as well as all major hardware changes between iPhone 4S and iPhone 7.
  • You speak Swift and Objective-C as fluently as your native language, know the impact of style on compilation time, decide instinctively when to choose between delegate, notifications and KVO, and the word "thread" means "warning".
  • You've tried MVC, MVVM, Viper, RxSwift and know that eventually what counts is how straightforward your design remains. Pixel perfect is now a habit and laggy rendering drives you mad.


We are more interested in your experiences and projects, past and current, than your résumé. We'd rather hear about these and what you think you'll bring to the team. GitHub and Twitter usernames are also useful to share.  All applications should be made in English.

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