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Our mission

Slim.AI was founded in 2020 and is setting new standards for container trust and security. With tools crafted for both container creators and users, we streamline the entire DevSecOps lifecycle. Our proactive focus on early container optimization arms developers with capabilities like continuous inventory, SBOM generation, multi-scanner integration, smart patching, and vulnerability reachability, prioritization and reporting.

What we value

We value curiosity, autonomy, personal accountability, a desire to solve developers’ security problems, love of cloud native, and all things open source.

Where we started

Our open source project, SlimToolkit (previously DockerSlim) pioneered a new application-centric approach to optimizing containers, providing a foundation for the next wave of automation in DevOps. Now our SaaS Platform goes beyond containers to offer developers vulnerability removal, deep analysis, hardening and optimization tools.


Current Job Openings


Frontend Engineer
Tel - Aviv, Israel
Fullstack Engineer
Tel - Aviv, Israel
Senior DevOps
Tel - Aviv, Israel
Tech Lead
Tel - Aviv, Israel


Senior Product Manager
Tel - Aviv, Israel