SixGen, Inc.

SIXGEN supports cyber and intelligence missions by serving government and commercial organizations as they overcome global cybersecurity challenges. Our highly skilled operators conduct research and assessments based on real-world threats. We simulate adversaries and malicious actors to report details and actionable findings on critical assets and infrastructures. Our program planners advise mission owners to bring rapid solutions to intelligence mission leaders. Using innovative processes, tools, and techniques, we predict and overcome cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Our successes are supported by our diverse team of experienced, technical talent. 

Current Job Openings

Cyber Operations

Certified Network Defense Analyst
Annapolis Junction, MD
Cyber Network Operator
Annapolis Junction, MD
Digital Network Exploitation Analyst
Annapolis Junction, MD
Exploit Developer
Annapolis Junction, MD
Aberdeen, MD
Systems Engineer
Annapolis Junction, MD
Target Digital Network Analyst
Annapolis Junction, MD


Growth & Business Development


Talent Pool