SIRUM is reimagining US healthcare, enabling everyone to access affordable medication 

SIRUM drives the future of healthcare by connecting people with surplus medications. Our goal is to leverage the ~$10B of surplus that goes to waste every year to improve health equity for families who need it most. Everyone deserves the medications they need to stay healthy. We deliver on this promise by ensuring medicine prices that are low, stable, & transparent and that families’ health comes before profit.

Founded at Stanford University and a Y Combinator Alumni, we’re a fast-growing, non-profit, for-impact startup at the intersection of health tech + social enterprise. Our platform supplies $250,000 worth of medications to people in need every week, sourced from hundreds of medicine donors across dozens of states. Join us in building a national solution to the drug pricing epidemic that has been featured on The TED Mainstage, The New York Times, and Forbes.

SIRUM fellowships are unique, 1-2 year opportunities to join a mission-driven, organization tackling health equity and poverty using tech, novel operations and policy.

Strategic Partnerships & Special Projects Fellow (Palo Alto, CA)

This is an intense startup role with no typical day. You will gain exposure to every functional part of the organization, including growth, operations, policy, marketing and development, in addition to the industries we intersect with as a health tech + social enterprise, including pharmacies, health facilities like nursing homes, community health centers, free clinics, government, and tech.

Our future teammate will focus their impact on:

Leading special projects. You will be a go-to for high value projects. It might be managing a large donation of emergency contraceptive to help 30,000 women get access, setting up calls, leading the charge coordinating to our clinics and working out logistics like shipping and manifests. It might also be managing the launch of a pilot program to collect surplus chemotherapeutic and other oncology medications, coordinating with oncology centers across the country. ← Some real projects. 

Supporting our existing partners. We support hundreds of organizations actively donating their surplus medicine every day, as well as providers and clinics in 40+ communities that directly receive donated medicine for patients or refer patients to one of our partners. You will help support our amazing community of nurses, doctors, technicians, pharmacists, administrators and social workers, answering questions and troubleshooting issues via emails, texts and calls. In addition, you will conceptualize and lead new initiatives to highlight the impact they’re having on families’ lives and share that with our medicine donor and recipient communities.

Building new partnerships. Medicine surplus exists all over the supply chain, from retail to niche closed door pharmacies to thousands of health facilities like nursing homes, and is redistributed to patients via our network of community partners across multiple states. You will project manage exploration into new opportunities to (1) increase sources of surplus medicine and (2) engage community organizations like social services, food banks and local government agencies to help patients receive donated medicine. This will involve conducting market research, owning scheduling, making calls, and managing follow-up to keep relationships on track.

Our future teammate will be:

  • Passionate about our vision to get every pill to a person in need, our belief that we can use technology to correct this market inefficiency, and our eagerness to build a national solution.
  • A project management monster. You excel at organizing yourself and others, defining project goals and outlining milestones. Then, you do it. You execute fairly independently and deliver final products on-time. 
  • Detail-oriented. You have a great deal of precision, implementing the rigour needed to work in healthcare where the work you do impacts the lives of others. You can get to 100% when needed.
  • A problem solver. You enjoy digging into the complexity of problems. You understand the need to “go down the rabbit hole” to learn why something isn’t working so you can find a solution, not just put a bandaid on it.
  • Resourceful. You innovate to make your job easier, but have no problem rolling up your sleeves to do what it takes to make things successful.
  • A self-starter with some experience in start-ups and/or social enterprise and a bachelor's degree.

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