SIRUM is reimagining US healthcare enabling everyone to access affordable medication 

SIRUM drives the future of healthcare by connecting people with surplus medications. Our goal is to leverage the ~$10B of surplus that goes to waste every year to improve health equity for families who need it most. Everyone deserves the medications they need to stay healthy. We deliver on this promise by ensuring medicine prices that are low, stable, & transparent and that families’ health comes before profit.

Founded at Stanford University and a Y Combinator Alumni, we’re a fast-growing, non-profit, for-impact startup at the intersection of health tech + social enterprise. Our platform supplies $250,000 worth of medications to people in need every week, sourced from hundreds of medicine donors across dozens of states. Join us in building a national solution to the drug pricing epidemic that has been featured on The TED Main Stage, The New York Times, and Forbes.

Enterprise Sales Executive | Remote

We are the nation’s largest medicine redistributor. To continue our ambitious growth rate each year, this will be an intense startup role with no typical day. Best of all, you will see a direct and immediate impact of your work on the health and wellbeing of tens of thousands of patients.

This is a unique sales opportunity to join the team of a mission-driven, fast growing organization that’s eliminating barriers to health for working families and reducing environmental damage from flushing, landfilling and burning usable medicine. As one of the first members of the Donor Sales Team at SIRUM, you will convert long-term care pharmacies and other large healthcare companies from destroying perfectly usable drugs to donating them through SIRUM’s service. 

Our future teammate will focus their impact on:

Owning the entire sales funnel for enterprise medicine donors directly “selling” SIRUM’s donation service to long-term care pharmacies and other large healthcare companies.

Driving an effective sales process to achieve (and exceed!) quarterly goals. 

Strategically adapting the sales process based on analyzing time to close, roadblocks, refusals, and other key drivers for success and preparing the organization to scale on your sales success.

Creating the foundation of a new sales team for good by working closely with the founders to develop and execute a sales go-to-market and help set the team culture. 

Our future teammate will be:

  • Passionate about our vision to get every pill to a person in need, our belief that we can use technology to correct this market inefficiency, and our eagerness to build a national solution.
  • A B2B sales monster that has helped found a sales team. You have 3+ years of experience at a startup achieving/exceeding sales goals and taking a sales cycle from lead generation to close. 
  • Great at building relationships and love it. You are excited to meet new customers whether on the phone, over Zoom, or at a conference. You love understanding the lens of each decision maker from the CEO, to the IT Director, to the pharmacy technician doing the donations and you know how to share our vision tailored to each of them. 
  • Process-oriented. You thrive on having a clear sales process where you methodically track funnel progress in a CRM, not because you have to, but because you believe it drives success.
  • A data lover. You share our love for digging into data to understand the efficiency of your pipeline, forecasting, and what changes the answer.
  • Someone who loves being at a startup. You love building from the ground up and where others cower, you roll up your sleeves and dive into problems that haven’t been tackled before. 
  • Open to travel post-COVID. This position will start remotely but will eventually require some travel to develop leads, build relationships and attend conferences. 

What We Offer:

  • Competitive salary and performance-based incentives. 
  • Great benefits. 100% premium paid medical, dental and vision, a 401K, plus 6 weeks paid time off.
  • Ground floor impact. As one of the first sales hires, help create the foundation and shape the trajectory of an award-winning startup nonprofit. 
  • Huge social impact. You will see and feel the tangible impact of your work on a daily basis. 
  • Inside understanding into a high growth startup nonprofit. As a pivotal teammate on a small team, you will work directly with the founders, see the various aspects of how we operate, and be connected to the wider social impact sector.
  • Awesome team. We’re a collaborative, passionate and driven team that also likes socially distant birthday celebrations, party games and escape rooms. And in non-COVID times, social adventures like urban putt-putt, rafting, and paddle-boarding. 

Position Roadmap

Within 1 month you’ll:

  • Onboard and learn about SIRUM history, culture and vision. Meet all your new teammates and spend some one on one time with them. 
  • Jump right in to understand the ins and outs of our donation service and the value of our solution compared to alternatives. 
  • Become familiar with the main donor segments for your prospects, their industry, personas, geographic differences and the history of our current medicine donors. 
  • Be at-home our sales tools including documentation, templates and our Salesforce environment. 
  • Start interacting with our current donors, learn how they use our service, and hear their feedback. 
  • Be a part of all new sales interactions and practice role-playing each step of the SIRUM sales process. 
  • Understand existing lead generation, start developing your own leads and qualifying them. 

Within 2 months you’ll:

  • Own your numbers and understand them in the context of the Donor Team and rest of the organization. 
  • Be an expert on SIRUM’s service and confidently engage potential medicine donors through our entire sales process from lead generation to close. 
  • Build collaborations with other teammates to help cross-generate leads between pipelines and from existing donors. 
  • Provide suggestions and document edits to the workflows, documents and templates based on your learnings. 

Within 6 months you’ll:

  • Find opportunities to start representing SIRUM at conferences, trade shows and events. 
  • Be a leader helping onboard, train and mentor new team members. 

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