Lead a global team impacting millions of lives

Type: Permanent
Hours: Full-time (37.5 hours per week)
Salary: £50,000 - £75,000
Opening date: 6 December
Closing date: Rolling


Simprints is a nonprofit tech company from the University of Cambridge. Our mission is to transform the way the world fights poverty. We build technology to radically increase transparency and effectiveness in global development, making sure that every vaccine, every dollar, every public good reaches the people who need them most.

Since 2016, we have worked with partners like USAID, Gavi, BRAC, and the Ethiopian Ministry of Health to help deliver essential services to over 230,000 people across 12 countries. We use biometric technology to help verify coverage and increase impact on the frontlines. Our goal is to disrupt the way we currently track and deliver progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals, and instead build a world where guesswork is left behind and every person counts in the fight against poverty. 

Today, we are contracted to reach more than 8M people by 2021 through flagship projects like our work with BRAC in Bangladesh or the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia. These massive undertakings are accompanied by the creation of new offices in Dhaka and Addis Ababa, and dedicated full-time project teams helping deliver impact on the frontlines. We’re looking for a passionate, experienced, and determined Chief Delivery Officer to join our executive team and help shape the way we deliver this impact. 

6 Reasons to join Simprints

Life is short. We believe work should be awesome, meaningful, and fun. At Simprints we’re taking on global development’s biggest challenges, powered by an amazing culture and incredible people. Work with us, and you will grow faster, learn more, and take on great responsibilities with potential to make lasting change.

  1. Genuine Impact. The opportunity to lead our delivery of frontline projects around the world that impact millions of lives. 
  2. Global Leadership. Lead a global team of country directors, project managers, engineers, and delivery partners dedicated to making a difference. In the process, work with exhilarating people from around the world representing a wide range of cultures, experiences, and viewpoints.
  3. Career Advancement. Join the top leadership team of a fast-growing social enterprise that is breaking onto the global stage. Four years since we were founded, we are already working directly with the most influential and exciting partners in development—from ministries of health, to top donors like Gavi & USAID, to leading NGOs like JSI & FHI360. 
  4. Unlimited Paid Time Off & Flexible Hours. We set high goals and give people the freedom to choose when and how to achieve them. Work when, where, and how suits you best. Join a team that trusts you with the job.
  5. Real Professional Development. Beyond on-the-job learning, Simprints will support you with a dedicated professional development budget, executive coaching, and access to global experts with unlimited access to the GLG network.  
  6. Amazing Team. Work with a wide range of passionate professionals with diverse backgrounds spanning tech companies like Google, businesses like BCG, and NGOs like Save the Children, representing over 20 different countries. 

Role Overview

The Chief Delivery Officer leads our global project delivery teams and is responsible for both frontline impact and client satisfaction. You will report directly to the CEO and join the executive team. The role will be based in Cambridge, UK. Your responsibilities will be based around the overarching objective of scaling our impact around the world and will include:

  • Working with the executive team to make high-quality decisions and achieve company goals 
  • Creating and implementing a coherent global project delivery strategy, including improvements to efficiency, budgets, and processes as we scale
  • Successfully overseeing and delivering projects, ensuring we deliver true impact and value to beneficiaries, users, and partners
  • Recruiting, developing, and leading a high-calibre global delivery team, including establishing additional regional offices
  • Managing stakeholder relationships at the highest level, including ministries of health, donors, and implementation partners
  • Overseeing M&E and supporting impact evaluations
  • Overseeing the privacy team, and building an expert “integrity council” of advisers and board members
  • Supporting business development in current and future projects
  • Supporting product development and user feedback
  • Championing the mission through leadership, advocacy, and action, as we fight to convince the world to change the way it fights poverty 

About you

You’re a passionate professional who cares deeply about frontline impact. You put the most vulnerable first, whether they are beneficiaries, clients, or participants in projects. You have experience in global development or working in the global south, a strong understanding of technology, and complex program management skills. You are fearless and honest when it comes to delivering real results to those who matter most.

You’re a proven leader, with an eye for talent and a hunger to grow people. You have led diverse, global teams with a wide range of nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. You relish the opportunity to create multiple regional teams and want to spend time in-country building local capacity, while simultaneously nurturing a cohesive global culture of excellence.

You’re proficient in managing complex and high-stakes relationships. You can handle the high-pressure and often conflicting interests of multiple stakeholders, charting a course to success for everyone. You’re able to speak to ministers of health, top donors, or critical partners with credibility, empathy, and competence. Whether it’s handling a tough funder negotiation, walking a furious client back from the edge, or wading into a disaster-of-a-Gantt chart, you find a way through the woods and onto the path to impact.

You’re an ambitious executive with high integrity. You champion the mission both internally and externally. You care about the success of the company and our impact more than the success of your function. You work collaboratively with your peers and teams to solve problems, find solutions, and build a truly global social enterprise doing real good.

What skills do you have?

At Simprints, you will be working with a global team spanning the intersection of international development, technology, and social enterprise. Past experience with the requirements below, and the genuine desire to develop world-class skills, are the ideal fit:

Technical skills

  • Exceptional Project Management. You can manage a portfolio of massive, complex, and rapidly-evolving technology projects in frontline contexts. You demand high standards in project timelines, budgets, reporting, and—above all—execution. You’re comfortable in a matrix structure, and you’re excited to build scalable models of project delivery. Furthermore you can quickly evaluate projects, even with limited data, and course correct to maximize impact. You sweat the details, because you understand that on the frontlines details matters.
  • Government, Donor, and iNGO Relationship Management Skills. You have a proven track record of managing stakeholders at the highest level, including at least one—and ideally more—of the following: governments (e.g. ministers), donors (e.g. senior leaders), and iNGOs (e.g. executives). You may not love politics, but you know how to navigate them. Even under pressure, you’re capable of building real relationships and convincing stubborn stakeholders to do the right thing.  
  • Technical Competence. You have a deep understanding of technology delivery and the complexities of technical projects. While you may not have an engineering background, you are capable of managing teams comprised of engineers, product owners, and project managers. What you don’t understand, you learn—fast. You can deliver technology projects on-time and on-budget to stakeholders who have limited technical capacity.
  • Strategic Analysis. You can face an ambiguous situation with complex variables and quickly identify the key factors that really matter. You’re capable of laying out an insightful, clear, and compelling strategic course of action that prioritises the beneficiaries. And you’re proactive rather than reactive when it comes to strategy, scanning the horizon for potential obstacles and opportunities long before they hit your projects.
  • Ability to Build Teams. You know how to find, develop, and motivate teams—even when they’re spread around the world. People from a wide range of backgrounds trust you, because you get results the right way. You’re drawn to A players and are shameless about bringing them onboard your teams, then working your butt off to support, empower, and advocate for them when they’re here.  

Human skills

  • Integrity. Delivering impact is hard. You are principled, honest, constructive, and fearless when it comes to making a difference. While you appreciate inaction is tempting, you have little patience with hand wringing even when things are complicated, and you’re never afraid to “Confront the Grey” when it comes to the hard questions, regardless of who the audience is. 
  • Ambition. You want to grow yourself, your teams, and your impact. You’re hungry to make a difference, and your colleagues will never have to chase you to get things done. You don’t want to be part of something small, and you don’t settle for good enough when excellent is possible.
  • Communication. You may not be a world-class orator, but you’re a disciplined, positive, and persuasive communicator. You know how to adjust your message for your audience, whether it’s a difficult partner or a nervous team member. You draw on facts, logic, data, anecdotes, and emotion to get your point across. And you’re excellent at the most fundamental of all communication skills: listening.
  • Grit. You’re resilient. Even when everything goes wrong—and it probably will at some point—you’re shockingly tenacious, constructive, and helpful. You have a hands-on, can-do attitude that makes people look to you in the good times and the bad times. You believe in yourself, your team, and your mission, and that belief is inspiring to be around. 

What's next

Please submit a CV and cover letter. The cover letter should briefly outline how you feel you meet the key requirements for the post and clearly articulate your motives for wanting to join our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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