SimpliSafe is a leading innovator in the home security industry with one mission: to make every home secure.

We believe in democratizing home safety. As our co-founder Chad Laurans aptly put it, “you shouldn’t have to ask for permission to secure your home. You should be able to do it yourself.”

SimpliSafe protects over 3 million Americans and we’re growing at a rapid pace. We pride ourselves in being daring innovators, humble cooperators, and data-driven thinkers. We go wherever the best idea leads us, work selflessly to get the best outcomes for our customers, and constantly analyze & reevaluate our efforts.

SimpliSafe has a range of opportunities for like-minded individuals, from our US and UK corporate offices to our warehouses and customer service centers.

Job Description

The Director of CI leads organizational efforts to monitor and improve organizational processes with the aim of making them effective, effortless and efficient. Leads and manages a team focused on the continuous improvement of processes impacting the customer experience and serves as a champion and key proponent for driving a ‘Customer for Life’ experience. Will lead efforts to develop a deep understanding of the end-to-end customer experience across all touch points, define improvement priorities, establish strategies/tactics with supporting business cases, oversee implementation and measure results. Entails directing large-scale process change and culture transformation that enhance customer satisfaction and reduce contact volume into the service center.

The Director of CI will solicit feedback and collaborate closely with internal and external customers to craft a customer experience improvement strategy, define and align a continuous improvement culture to ultimately deliver superior customer experiences. This role is responsible for execution on customer touchpoint mapping and data telemetry for the customer portfolio. Work closely with business intelligence teams, leveraging all data streams and forging data sets into defined actions. Identify customer ‘Key Moments of Truth’ (KMOT, map and define touchpoints, both successful and break point interactions), and identify/measure corrective actions and analysis to measure success and progression. Define the customer experience ecosystem, detailing relationships between customers, employees, and other business partners. Responsible for partnering with product management, sustaining engineering, marketing, and any relevant cross-organizational groups to understand business strategy and high-level product requirements and leverage the online experience into a holistic and consistent experience (in product help, etc.) across all network touch points.

What You’ll Do

  • Responsible for designing, creating, and implementing a new organization that is effective in the mission of continuous improvement of the customer experience 
  • Lead team in identifying, prioritizing and executing on continuous improvement and experience innovations and improvements across the company.
  • Lead ongoing effort to map our customer touch points, identify key customer pain points, assess priorities, recommend initiatives and define business impact.
  • Drive processes to identify and correct gaps in the customer experience based upon direct and indirect customer feedback.
  • Utilize tools and information including surveys, metrics, and root cause analysis to formulate actions that will enhance experience, customer loyalty, and NPS. 
  • Serve as a coach who coordinates workshops and team trainings, openly sharing guidance and technical expertise and ensuring that learning resources are widely available to drive a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Create an environment that fosters innovation and collaboration with marketing, product management, and sustaining engineering to create holistic improvement roadmaps and other deliverables.
  • Drive changes in process & mindset around how we organize work and deliver functionality for customers, maintaining customer-focused processes and eliminating inefficiencies.
  • Coordinate activities across organizational lines as needed to deliver exceptional end-to-end customer experiences
  • Deliver enhancements and deliverables on time and with highest levels of functional quality and customer ease-of-use.
  • Work with internal leaders and partners to assess the degree of cultural alignment in delivering a superior customer experience. 
  • Actively and consistently support all efforts to simplify and enhance the customer experience
  • Define and document customer and partner journey maps highlighting key moments of truth and establishing listening posts for continuous feedback.
  • Define experience metrics, methodologies, and analytics across all platforms and data streams and establish protocols for monitoring progress in order to check if changes yield desirable results. 
  • Establish measurable standards at the start of all projects and compare actual project results against baseline, regularly generating detailed update reports for management.
  • Define all customer experience KPI’s, identify corresponding industry benchmarks, and lead goals and objectives for continuous improvement and CX group.
  • Attracts, hires, retains, organizes, develops, manages, recognizes, and rewards a motivated workforce capable of achieving short and long-range business objectives in customer insights and process engineering

What You’ll Need

  • 10+ years customer experience/contact center/process management leadership background
  • Experience managing cross-functional, mission-critical programs
  • Active participation in customer experience industry associations and fosters an innovative and continuous learning environment. 
  • Technical expertise:  firm understanding of process improvement techniques
  • Organization skills: proven ability to spearhead both the planning and implementation stages of multiple projects, so they must be organized and committed to meeting deadlines
  • Leadership skills: develops staff and programs, empowering employees to reach their full potential; drives teams to success; partners well internally and externally to direct team; inspires other team members to give their best effort and setting the direction for many initiatives
  • Analytical thinking: critically evaluates individual processes and projects, synthesizes insights to arrive at a summary of overall organizational status
  • Communication skills: excellent interpersonal, written communication, and presentation skills 
  • Strong customer success and experience background
  • Strong meeting facilitator and consensus builder
  • Fact based, data driven and results oriented
  • Practical experience and/or formal certifications/education in continuous improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma, Accelerated Root Cause, or Transactional Lean.

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