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If you’ve come to this page then you’ve probably already read the basics about Showmax - we’re an internet TV service doing things differently. We frickin’ love movies and series and we believe it takes more than one-size-fits-all solutions to getting everyone watching.

In each new country we enter, we tackle the difficult problems nobody else has cracked yet. This involves every part of the business coming together. If you join Showmax, odds are that you’ll be working with multi-national, multi-disciplinary teams. We hate silos and keep red tape to the minimum.

Showmax is a distributed operation with offices in multiple countries, centralising where needed and going local where possible. We think and act like a startup but have the muscle of Naspers, one of the largest technology investors in the world, behind us.

Current Job Openings


Front-end Developer
Johannesburg, South Africa


Backend Developer
Prague or Beroun, Czech Republic
Data Scientist/Analyst ETL
Beroun, Czech Republic
Python Developer
Prague, Czech Republic
Senior Android Developer
Beroun, Czech Republic
Senior iOS Developer
Beroun, Czech Republic