The mission of the Shopee Tech Ops MRE (Machine Reliability Engineering) team takes responsibility to ensure the stability, efficiency and sustainability for OS management , network management (including physical network and software defined network),  resource management, and Cloud native CICD pipeline. The team provides from hardware solution to software solution to design and optimize architecture, enhance automation and improve work process.

Job Description:

  • Customised development, stability improvement, maintenance and update of Linux Kernel according to business requirements
  • Optimise the performance of server and Linux Kernel according to business characteristics
  • Analyse problems and systematically improve the stability of the operating system
  • Responsible for the research and application of Linux-related new technologies

Job Requirement:

  • Bachelor’s or higher degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems or related fields
  • Proficient in Linux Kernel, possesses knowledge in at least 2-3 main modules’ source code, such as  scheduling, file system, network, I/O, memory management
  • Familiar with the design, development and tuning of complex system software
  • Have rich experience in troubleshooting such as softlockup, hard lockup, deadlock, panic, OOM, etc.
  • Understand container-related technology including cgroup v2, namespaces, ebpf, and knowledge in the relevant source code is preferred;
  • Experienced in OS Kernel tuning and customisation
  • Experience in submitting patches to upstream is preferred

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