Job Descriptions      

The scope of this role is build SPX as a service (SPXaaS) business (Shopee Express aim to provide express delivery business for parcels outside of Shopee platform)

Lead a team of strong analysts/associates to

  • Conduct market analysis and develop go-to-market strategy for SPXaaS
    • Understand seller segmentation through multiple data collection e.g. survey, in-depth interviews, gain insight and arrive at the service offer, overall user experiences at for SPXaaS
    • Conduct benchmark analysis with key competitors on both commercial (e.g. pricing and promotion offer) and operational aspects to bring service offer upto market standard
  • Develop commercial plan and growth target in term of number of order and number of sellers for SPXaaS
    • Set target and KPIs to different team
    • Develop tracking mechanism to ensure the KPIs are met on a timely basis
    • Develop feedback loop and tailor plan as necessary
  • Monitor operational and commercial performance of each relevant team
  • Develop marketing and communication plan both internally and externally to attract targeted users to use SPXaaS
  • Cross department coordination with relevant departments and entities under sea group to come up with group level collaborations and partnerships



  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Business or related fields
  • 3-5 years’ experience in Business Development would be an advantage (experience in consulting field is advantageous)
  • Very strong analytical skills and is an proactive initiator
  • Logical thinking and strong problem solving skills
  • People management skills and have experience taking care of a team is as advantageous
  • Good team player
  • Be able to fit in with fast pace culture


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