Job description:
• Collect information, work with research team with regular tracking on business performance and marketing effectiveness, and integrate with other key performance metrices to conclude on actionable insights.
• Monitor competitors’ activities and performance.
• Collaborate with other functions on strategic projects to deep dive consumers’ minds and give inputs on how to win.
• Analyse internal data and generate insights about different seller types.
• Support business requests by either available resources or self conducted research.
• Actionable insights to improve marketing channels effectiveness, campaign optimisation, users growth & segmentation, etc.

Job requirements:
• Proven work experience as a Market Research, CMI or similar role.
• Knowledge of market and consumers insights, tools and techniques.
• Solid computer skills, especially Google Spreadsheet, Excel.
• Strong analytical skill with a goal-oriented attitude.
• Work with open minded, dedication and enthusiasm.
• Capable of working with different products and projects.
• Thrieves working in a fast-paced and agile environment.

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