Team introduction: 

Our Recommendation team is mainly responsible for Shopee's recommendation business, and provides e-commerce recommendation services based on Shopee's users and data. Our expertise covers data, AI-based high-performance online services, distributed systems, machine learning algorithms, and strategies related to recommendation services. There are many young and passionate talents in the team, with a strong emphasis on technology and innovation. 

Job responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the research and development and iteration of Shopee's specific scenario recommendation algorithm, including retrieval, coarse ranking, precise ranking, and re-ranking, etc., to improve user experience
  • Increase the conversion efficiency of users in the private domain while considering the diversity required within the recommendations through building a large-scale machine learning model to construct a logical feature system  
  • Analyse business data and formulate corresponding recommendation strategies
  • Communicate with relevant business teams and participate in the assessment and implementation of business needs.

Job requirements:

  • Solid algorithmic skills and excellent coding ability, able to apply at least one machine learning framework proficiently
  • Familiar with various retrieval algorithms, Click-through Rate/Conversion Rate estimation, re-ranking models, etc.
  • Able to understand the business in depth, grasps concepts easily and is sensitive to dataAt least 5 years of algorithm development experience in recommendation, search, and advertising, working experience in e-commerce is preferred
  • Strong organisational and management skills, with at least 3 years of team management experience
  • Goal-oriented, proactive and able to execute projects effectively Good communication skills and teamwork spirit

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