Job Description:

  • Responsible for resource delivery, system capability management, monitoring, releasing, fault handling and other daily operations related to the payment platform to ensure the business's stability and reliability.
  • Participate in the review of technical and system design plan, understand the technology architecture and principles, identify risks proactively and provide professional solutions.
  • Responsible for operational data analysis, quality analysis, budgeting and other operation work related to the payment platform.
  • Communicate with the project team and dev members to provide feedback and promote timely improvements according to existing problems in the business operating environment
  • Participate in the design, execution and optimisation of the automated operation and maintenance platform
  • Constantly promote the system upgrade and process iteration, respond to business' requirements promptly according to daily feedback and needs from business developments
  • Responsible for technical training of the team


  • Bachelor or higher degree in Computer Science or related fields, 5+ years working experience in tech giants.
  • Expert in shell language, better familiar with python or go language.
  • Deep knowledge of computer architecture such as network, storage, security and so on.
  • Familiar with the principles, deployment and usage of nginx,lvs,redis,kafka,mysql and other common middlewares.
  • Familiar with Jenkins, gitlab, experienced in CI/CD process development and integration
  • Familiarity in Docker/k8s including related underlying technology and principles is preferred.
  • Able to work under pressure and respond promptly to handle all fault incidents
  • An effective team player with a customer service orientation
  • Meticulous and is attentive to detail with strong critical thinking, data analytics and problem solving capabilities
  • Able to communicate effectively in both Chinese and English to work with stakeholders in other regions
  • Experience in operations and maintenance for a financial payment system is preferred.

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