Job Descriptions

The scope of this role is quite fluid and could cover multiple areas that will contribute to growth of Shopee Express

You will potentially work closely with SPX Commercial lead on the follow assignments

  • Develop service point expansion plan using seller and buyer density analysis to build offline footprint for Shopee Express
  • Project manage all stakeholders related to service point expansion ranging from survey team, inspection team, shop set up team, and service point operation
    • Set target and KPIs to different team
    • Develop tracking mechanism to ensure the KPIs are met on a timely basis
    • Develop feedback loop and tailor plan as necessary
  • Monitor operational and commercial performance of each service point
  • Understand seller and buyer behavior through multiple data collection e.g. survey, in-depth interviews, gain insight and arrive at the service offer, overall user experiences at service points
  • Conduct benchmark analysis with key competitors on both commercial and operational aspects
  • Identify opportunities and additional revenue streams for the service points, size the impact, pilot and execution plan
  • Develop marketing and communication plan both internally and externally to attract targeted users to come and use services at SPX service points
  • Cross department coordination with relevant departments and entities under sea group to come up with group level collaborations and partnerships



  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Business or related fields
  • 3-5 years’ experience in Business Development would be an advantage (experience in consulting field is advantageous)
  • Very strong analytical skills and is an proactive initiator
  • Logical thinking and strong problem solving skills
  • People management skills and have experience taking care of a team is as advantageous
  • Good team player
  • Be able to fit in with fast pace culture

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