The Identity Verification group strives to build fully fledged digital identity verification solutions by combining cutting-edge AI technologies and engineering excellence. We closely work with various products within Shopee and SeaMoney to develop intelligent, secure and fully compliant customer onboarding and authentication processes with smooth user experience.

Job Description:

  • Collect data needs for developing IV products, design database structure and manage procedure and pipeline of data collection. 
  • Collaborating with the local data labelling team on data collection and data quality control, design data collection SOP and do the relevant training and daily supervision for the local team.
  • Conduct data quality analysis (including the business feedback QA and data labelling QA), examine complex data and turn it into information and insight to optimise business decisions or data collection operations. 
  • Monitor performance and quality control plans to identify any issues or ways to improve data monitoring systems, data labelling systems and database designs. 
  • Collaborating with backend developers to implement effective automation processes by developing data labelling and monitoring platforms, so that data can be mined for quality control and accuracy efficiently. 

Key Responsibility:

  • Evaluate large dataset for quality and accuracy, Identify, compare, and resolve data quality problems.
  • Determine business impact level for data quality issues, and determine root cause for data quality errors and make recommendations for long-term solutions
  • Identify areas of improvement to achieve high data quality, develop process improvements to enhance overall data quality, and execute data cleanup measures.
  • Ensure adherence to data quality standards, and resolve all internal data exceptions in a timely and accurate manner.

Job Requirements:

  • Graduate of BS/BA Computer Science, Information Technology, Statistics, Mathematics, and other related courses
  • Enjoy working with numbers and data sets, have an aptitude for computer systems and software, and have strong problem solving, quantitative and analytical abilities.
  • Highly motivated, structured and methodical with a high degree of initiative. 
  • Able to work independently or cross functionally.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Experience in data analytics, familiar with one programming language (python or SQL) is preferable. 
  • Experience in handling Warehouse operation data is an advantage
  • Basic knowledge of Machine Learning and AI technologies is a plus

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