Job Description:
1. Understand the entire arc of the business and how productivity impacts profitability
2. Assess all new incoming services, products, and resources to ensure the best price
3. Periodically analyze incoming invoices to ensure product or cost services are received within to expected cost
4. Provide critical assessment of all deviation between projection vs the actual
5. Identify possible cost-cutting areas to improve profitability or efficiency
6. Create cost savings plan with clear timelines and goal
7. Work together with all department heads to ensure max efficiency at all levels without compromising quality
8. Clear understanding and planning of tax impact on company's profitability

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or relevant field strongly preferred
2. Minimum 5 years’ experience working in Finance / Accounting field
3. Management experience strongly preferred
4. Exceptionally well organized with an aptitude for data
5. Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal
6. Solid networking and interpersonal skills
7. Able to generate budgets and reports
8. Strong presentation skills, able to explain concepts concisely and accurately
9. Able to develop strong, cooperative relationships with department heads
10. Creative thinking skills and ability to solve problems

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