Shopee's growth data team focuses on the long-term performance of users and is committed to associating users' long-term performance with short-term behaviour through scientific methods. Our team plays a critical role in improving business framework, evaluation system and customisation strategies. Data-driven and result-oriented are our values; helping business to achieve long-term goals is our mission. We always run fast with challenges and remain at the forefront of the industry.

Job Description

  • Designing data indicator systems, establishing data analysis models, outputting data analysis frameworks and analysis reports in line with business needs, and assist business decisions.
  • Communicate with the product and business teams to understand business processes, provide insights based on business results.
  • Research industry trends and competition information, analyze the change trend of user demands, and diagnose business problems through multi-dimensional analysis, discovering risks, excavation opportunities, providing optimization suggestions for business.
  • Provide data analysis and insights which can be translated to data-driven products. Improve the datalisation and intelligence of business team.


  • Bachelor or above in Computer Science, Information Technology, Statistics, Mathematics, and other related majors.
  • At least 2 years experience in data analytics.
  • At least 2 years experience in Python and SQL.
  • Self-starter with the ability to work in a fast-paced, performance-driven environment.
  • Strong problem solving, quantitative and analytical abilities - critical and logical thinking.
  • Passion for problem-solving, improving and/or implementing processes.
  • Highly motivated, structured and methodical with a high degree of initiative.
  • Able to work independently or cross functionally.
  • Compliance with the following conditions: Massive data processing experience with Hive, Hadoop, Spark and other platforms


  • 梳理和设计数据指标体系,建立数据分析模型,输出符合业务需求的数据分析框架和分析报告,辅助业务决策。
  • 与产品团队和业务团队沟通,了解业务流程,以业务结果为导向输出业务洞察。
  • 研究行业趋势和竞品信息,分析用户诉求的变化趋势,通过多维度的分析诊断业务问题,发现风险,挖掘机会点,为业务提供优化建议。
  • 将数据分析思路和框架沉淀为数据产品解决方案,策划数据产品并推动落地,提升各团队的数据化和智能化程度。


  • 计算机科学、信息技术、统计学、数学等相关专业本科及以上。
  • 至少2年以上数据分析经验。
  • 至少2年以上python和SQL经验。
  • 能够在快节奏、以业绩为导向的环境中工作的自我激励。
  • 具有较强的解决问题、定量和分析能力, 热衷于解决问题和改进流程。
  • 积极性高,有条理,有条理,主动性强。
  • 具有较好的(跨团队)沟通能力与组织协调能力
  • 符合以下条件优先: 有Hive、Hadoop、Spark等平台的海量数据处理经验



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