Our team is responsible for developing Shopee's recommendation engine, to provide users with the ultimate e-commerce shopping experience. In our team, you have the opportunity to participate in development of a full-stack recommendation system and the development of machine learning algorithms, including but not limited to the large-scale deep neural networks in e-commerce, user behavior modeling, representation learning, graph learning, migration learning, etc. We hope you with strong curiosity and interested in overseas e-commerce, join us to develop a world-class e-commerce recommendation engine.

Job Description

  • Responsible for the research and development of personalized algorithms for e-commerce recommender system
  • Participate in the core systems and algorithms development including candidate recall, ranking, rerank and other core components of recommender system
  • Analyse product overall performance, finding improvement point by machine learning approaches.


  • Bachelor or Master in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, Pattern Recognition related majors
  • At least 1 year of Internet algorithm work experience, familiar with recommendation, search and other fields is preferred
  • Familiar with common machine learning basic knowledge such as LR/GBDT/DNN, familiar with large-scale sparse feature modeling is preferred
  • Excellent coding and code development ability, familiar with linux, proficient in any language of C++/golang/python
  • Experience in ACM / Topcoder Algorithm or similar algorithm competition is preferred.

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