Job description

1. Training Delivery (Training/ teaching/ public speaking skills)

  • Deliver training sessions to Shopee employees & meet KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of running 8 training sessions per month
    Min: Onboarding, basic Excel, & basic soft skill training. Max: Leadership topics
  • Design training content according to the training needs and objectives
    Min: ability to adapt regional learning content into local needs. Max: ability to create content from scratch based on new topics or concepts. (E.g. Independently learn Design Thinking, find out how this could be applied to Shopee’s business context, and design a course to deliver it internally)

2. Act as a Learning Partner to assigned function/ team (Stakeholder management skills & commercial acumen)

  • BAU (Business As Usual) tasks include attending monthly HR (Human Resource) Business Meetings, reporting training data, answering queries from stakeholders, and nominating participants for training based on their needs
  • Engage external training providers when external training is required
  • Annual task include conducting Learning Needs Analysis with assigned Team Leads

3. Planning 

  • Take on additional initiatives such as data analysis, process improvements


  • A recognized degree in any field, coupled with at least 1-2 years of working experience. Having background in Learning & Development is ideal, but if you have the passion, you’re still encouraged to apply

  • Strong communication skills (i.e. clarity of thought, articulation & 2-way engagement) - will assess with mock training

  • Ability to think in a structured manner (i.e. translate concepts into teach and application, break down complex ideas into smaller understandable chunks, presenting ideas in a structured flow)

  • Flexibility, adaptability, and proactiveness is key, in order to fit into the rapidly changing environment

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