The mission of Ops-Dev team is to energize Tech Ops ability and power that control and manage massive resources and traffic in a highly efficient, accurate and consistent way. The team provides productional software, intelligent engines and stable system architectures, devotes themselves to build a DevOps ecosystem to integrate all resources and tools.

A TechOps Engineer it's all about connection. Connecting people with business through technology and connecting technology with innovation to grow business through them.

As a member of Shopee Brazil Products Team, you will work on a dynamic and agile environment where the main goal is to deliver software service solutions for internal and external customers. Solutions will vary from process automation (mainly with web APIs) to web and mobile apps which will always be delivered continuously.

Technologies currently in use by the team: Docker, MongoDB, Nginx, Git, RabbitMQ, Google Cloud Platform


Main Activities and Responsibilities

  • Setup and maintain cloud resources for all products in the pipeline
  • Define and implement network configurations for cloud resources
  • Define and implement security checklist for infrastructure
  • Define and implement monitoring and alerts for resources
  • Define and implement CI/CD pipelines for all products
  • Establish backups routines for stateful VMs (DBs for instance)
  • Support and instruct developers on architecture definitions.

General Requirements

  • Solution-driven professional with 4 or 6 years of experience, passionate about technology, who is always willing to learn, to share and to support the best services
  • Ability to coordinate with counterparts in the Asian market.
  • English to work with local and overseas teams. English will be constantly present in meetings, e-mails, chat apps and documentations.
  • Self-motivated with ability to work in a fast-paced and agile environment that requires autonomy and skills to deal with ambiguity.


Tech Requirements

  • Strong knowledge of networks and protocols, Docker, Linux, Nginx, CI/CD pipelines, cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform.
  • knowledge of infrastructure as code technology (such as Terraform) is desirable
  • knowledge of Kubernetes is desirable

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