Job Descriptions:
  • As the Regional Business Intelligence (BI) team grows bigger and bigger, there is a need for certain non-technical projects, e.g. BI onboarding training materials, data sharing guideline, etc. This position is required to be in charge of these non-technical projects. 
  • For the onboarding training project, collecting feedback from data analysts to identify the pain points of the current onboarding process. Collaborate with our Learning & Development team to produce the e-learning materials to help our new hires on board smoothly. 
  • For the data sharing guideline, working together with our data analysts and business teams to collect data sharing use cases, and propose guidelines for these sharing use cases. Have regular catchup with our Head of Department to review the guideline proposal and update the guideline to meet different offices' needs.
  • Able to set a clear timeline and track the progress proactively. Need to report to our Head of Department regularly on the project progress. 
  • Work together with different teams to drive projects. 
Job Requirements:
  • Strong communications skills and execution capability to drive projects happen across different teams. 
  • Strong problem solving and project management skills. 
  • Bachelor degree or above. 
  • Experience in analytical / project management related jobs would be a plus, but not required.   

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