• Follow and assist in the creative and technical execution of the audio vision set out by the Product Manager / Game Designer  
  • Help set out the direction for the audio assets needed in the game
  • Design high quality audio assets - Create, record, edit audio for Background Music, Sound effects and Voice over.
  • Test all aspects of the audio to ensure playback is as intended and fit for commercial release 
  • Participate in planning and milestone delivery for the assets 
  • Participate in establishing and maintaining the overall audio quality for the game 
  • Optimize the sound assets to meet the performance and memory requirements of the game engine for HTML5 games 


  • 2+ years industry experience in mobile, social, or free2play games. 
  • Respond well to artistic direction but can deliver with minimal supervision. 
  • Manage responsibilities across multiple projects. 
  • Implement audio using in-house tools or industry standard audio middleware 
  • Ability to match the sounds assets to the overall themes and art direction
  • Style and technique versatility, can work on a range of games with different themes with focus on casual over hardcore games.
  • Verbal and written communication skills in English 

Bonus points:

  • Shipped multiple mobile games

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