Job Description
We are looking for candidates with in-depth knowledge on principles of casual game/level design and player psychology, capable of making and explaining their design decisions with theory or data. We expect the candidate to create amazing experience through fun and addictive level design, to continually engage Shopee users and keep them coming back to play.
  • Improve existing game mechanics and propose new ones (powerups, game objects, etc.)
  • Create interesting levels with strong hooks
  • Arrange levels in a sequence to optimize game progression, to achieve key metrics (retention, engagement, etc.)
  • Test level internally as well as externally (e.g. A/B testing)
  • Analyze data to make decisions
  • Work with developers and product team to create level design tools to improve efficiency (e.g. data collection, testing tools, etc.)
  • Passionate about casual/puzzle games, especially match-3 game type
  • Hold a minimum of diploma
  • Possess qualification in game or level design related fields, or has working experience in such fields (you will be asked to share your portfolio/relevant work experience during selection process)
  • Possess knowledge on principles of casual game/level design, game testing and balancing methodology
  • Proficient in English
  • Ability to analyze/work with data

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