We are a group of enthusiastic engineers that value quality with lives. With critical thinking, systematic view and empathy with hundreds of millions of users, we continuously drive the quality and user experience of our products. We actively engage ourselves through the whole development process and carefully examine what can be improved.


  • Involved in whole software development life cycle: product requirement document review and design doc review; creation of test plan, case design and review, case execution; bug analysis and tracking.
  • Perform functional testing for web and mobile applications using black-box/grey-box testing methodology.
  • Maintenance of testing environment and existing testing tools.
  • Continuous optimisation of development and testing processes. Risk management in development life cycle to ensure quality and efficient delivery of tasks.
  • Continuous improvement of testing techniques and methods to enhance test quality and efficiency.


  • Bachelor degree or higher in Computer Science or a related discipline.
  • Good logical and structural thinking.
  • Strong sense of responsibility and result-oriented.
  • Good sense for quality, teamwork, and innovation.
  • Able to work independently or with limited assistance.

Skills below are optional but preferable

  • Familiar with Linux / Windows OS, Linux commands, and shell script.
  • Familiar with SQL and usage of MySQL DB.
  • Familiar with common browser and mobile-app debugging tools.
  • Familiar with game or had experience working in a game company


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