The mission of OpsDev team is to energize TechOps' ability and power that control and manage massive resources and traffic in a highly efficient, accurate and consistent way. The team provides productional software, intelligent engines, and stable system architectures devote themselves to build a DevOps ecosystem to integrate all resources and tools, eliminates the gap between Ops and Dev. The main scope focuses on Global Traffic Schedule and Management Platform(NLB, ALB, GSLB, Hybrid CDN, DNS and etc), Hybrid Cloud Resource Schedule and Management Platform(Bromo, Hybrid Cloud Management, Mesos, Kubernetes, Container, Physical Server, VM, CICD and etc), Internal System(CMDB, SPACE, TOC and etc).

Job Description:

  • Design and develop automated technical operation platforms used by all Shopee engineers; Improve the efficiency of huge automation SRE operations; Speed up incidents auto location and auto-heal via productization and servitization ways.
  • Design and develop monitoring systems; Improve the effectiveness and the coverage of monitoring systems; Make monitoring systems more intelligent.
  • Design and develop CI/CD; Avoid the availability of services drop when performing deployments; Reduce the period between development and deployment in a release cycle.


  • Bachelor’s or higher degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems or related fields.
  • Less than 1 year of experience welcomed
  • Strong and hands-on experience with at least one of the programming languages: Go, Python, C++, Java.
  • Experience with SRE related tools and systems such as CMDB, Change Management System, Monitoring System, CI/CD and etc; Able to modify, refactor, wrap their source code.
  • Experience with different open source softwares, including Ansible, Prometheus, Nginx, Jenkins, etc.
  • Experience with container technology such as Docker, Kubernetes.
  • Experience with React/Ant Design (Preferred).
  • Experiences in design and development of large-scale DevOps systems (preferred).
  • Contributed to open-source projects (Preferred).

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