Job Description

  • Responsible for all visual and creative aspects of the video, including the video’s style, tone, and mood
  • Conceptualise bold and innovative ways to convey the script entertainingly
  • Collaborate with writers, crew members, clients, and all levels of on-camera talent and editors
  • Involve in ideation, scripting, storyboarding, cast selection, music selection, building production decks, managing a shooting set, and providing input during post-production
  • Plan according to schedules and allocated budget set by the producer
  • Assist the team lead in overseeing the video department and processes
  • Manage stakeholders and creative team expectations together with team lead, producers, and production team members
  • Involve in production shoots and assist to operate camera, lighting, and propping as when assigned
  • Efficiently manage multiple concurrently running projects
  • Ensure files and documentation are compiled in an orderly manner


  • Diploma or Bachelor’s degree is required
  • At least 5-6 years of working experience as a director/videographer or a related role
  • Past experience in digital advertisements, short narrative content, corporate videos, YouTube videos, or festive videos
  • Capable of operating video cameras and lighting equipment
  • Knowledgeable in camera support and audio recording
  • Familiarity with Sony and mirrorless camera systems is preferred
  • Proficient in Premiere Pro, and familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite and DaVinci Resolve, with After Effects as a plus

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