We aim to build a platform to bring efficient UI of all functionalities to various users like our sellers, operators, and our own developers. We value the people around us and prioritize efficiency and simplicity. We believe that there is a huge potential of web to explore and we have a wide range of the latest web platform technology to use without having to worry about compatibility and legacy issues.
Job Description:
  • Design and implement products and platforms to provide highly efficient user experiences for all functionalities
  • Maintain and improve our high-quality in-house JavaScript libraries and toolsets, for example a React component library following our design guidelines
  • Participate in fierce and candid code review with peers
  • Participate in regular internal technology sharings and other regional tech event
  • Bachelor's or higher degree in Computer Science or related fields
  • More than 2 years of relevant experience 
  • Passionate about coding and programming, innovation, and solving challenging problems
  • Strong knowledge in JavaScript fundamentals
  • Well versed in various browser technologies
  • Love technologies
  • Enjoy teamwork
  • Hands-on experience and knowledge about React JS (preferred)
  • Experience in writing type-safe code with Flow or TypeScript (preferred)
  • Enthusiast for new or deep technologies, like language syntax processing, serverless, component library, electron/cordova (preferred) 

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