Job Description:

  • Responsible for maintaining big data system such as Hadoop/Spark/Storm/Kafka
  • Responsible for big data ops architecture review, capacity planning, cost optimization, tracking and troubleshooting, and building a big data monitoring system to maintain overall stability and efficiency
  • Deeply participate in big data related businesses, such as search engine, deep learning, and promote the sustainable development of big data business
  • Responsible for the maintenance and development of the BigData ops automation platform, and improve the operation and maintenance management level of big data


  • Bachelor’s or higher degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems or related fields
  • More than 1 year of experience welcomed
  • Familiar with the linux system and script developments, familiar with the common python/Shell background development
  • Familiar with BigData platform such as Hadoop/zookeeper/redis/kafka/SPARK/MQ/ELK will be a plus
  • Familiar with large-scale big data operation and maintenance architecture solutions will be a plus
  • Excellent communication, expression and organizational collaboration teamwork ability, adapt to a diversified international working environment. Proficient in English communication

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