We are a group of software engineers who take coding seriously and understand programming as a science. We are responsible for the design and implementation of the services / systems / platforms with high performance, high availability and high scalability. We constantly dive into the deep layer of the code to identify and solve problems.

Job Description:

  • Participate in the design and development of intelligent risk control and decision engine system
  • Design and develop the core services of the system
  • Responsible for guiding engineering members, reviewing the design and R&D quality of engineers
  • Complete system prototype and technical solution design based on business requirements from product managers
  • Design and implement tools that help improve system stability and efficiency


  • Bachelor's or higher degree in Computer Science or related fields
  • 3 years or more hands-on experience in R&D and design on core systems related in e-Commerce company
  • Experience in e-Commerce risk control and Anti-Fraud system architecture design and R&D is preferred, experience in big data computing, data quality analysis platform design and R&D is preferred
  • Proficient in at least one of the programming languages: Go, Python, Java
  • Proficient in computer science basics (Data Structure and Algorithms, Operating System, Computer Network, etc.)
  • Strong knowledge of design, optimisation and use of MySQL database and middleware
  • Have relevant system quality system R&D experience
  • Excellent expression ability, good at communication and teamwork
  • Able to learn fast and have strong analysis ability

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