The mission of the Shopee Tech Ops MRE (Machine Reliability Engineering) team is to ensure efficient and sustainable operation of the Shopee network and hardware level 24x7, building and maintaining massive hardware clusters for SRE and capacity, in terms of capacity, cost and hardware performance. The team provides sustainable hardware resources and stable network support services. MRE needs to communicate with the data center team to design and optimise network architecture; provide reasonable hardware configuration through hardware testing and selection according to business requirements; customize stable and efficient OS; optimize traditional operation through engineering and service means; and build a complete hardware monitoring system to improve the efficiency of fault handling.

Job Description:

  • Responsible for the monitoring of the Shopee backbone network, data center network and related networks, responsible for the rapid discovery, notification, location and processing of network faults, ensuring the rapid recovery of network faults
  • Responsible for communicating and collaborating with the infrastructure network team, proposing the design and optimisation of the network architecture of Shopee, and promoting implementation
  • Responsible for combining and controlling the stability risk of Shopee network and online business, reducing network risks and promoting effective cooperation between business and network
  • Responsible for designing and optimising Shopee's container and virtualisation network to ensure efficient and stable network of container and virtual machine platforms


  • More than 5 years experience with network operation and maintenance
  • Proficient in TCP / IP, OSPF, BGP, ISIS, MPLS VPN / TE and other protocols
  • Familiar with large-scale IDC and backbone network architecture, understand optical communications, network security, familiar with Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, H3C and other mainstream network vendors product technology and product architecture
  • Experience with network operation, traffic analysis and network risk management
  • Excellent communication, expression and organizational cooperation teamwork ability, adapt to a diversified international work environment, have a certain English ability
  • Experience with SDN, virtualization,container and virtualized networking (Preferred)
  • The holder of Cisco, Huawei's advanced certificate (Preferred)
  • Large ISP Network Tech Ops (Preferred)

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