Job Description:

  • Build a big data development platform for data calculation, mining, analysis, display, etc
  • Build visualized data products that will help our business team,senior executives, sellers gain deep insight into their business and make decisions
  • Reviewing Back end System Design and architecture, code, and test plans of high-quality scalable systems
  • Involved in defining development best practices and applying them in a all products.


  • At least 6 years experience in backend Development projects, 3 years of Java development experience
  • At least 2  years experience leading a team of back-end engineers
  • Proficient in the Java development language, have a certain understanding of the underlying principles of Java, understand the common techniques of back-end distributed systems such as multi-threading, non-blocking, and consistency
  • Experience in Spring Boot or other microservices and lightweight container technology development experience
  • Development experience in distributed computing, middleware, and high-performance server
  • Familiar with Complex system design,load balancing, Failover solutions
  • Have a strong interest in data technology
  • Strong self-management ability, positive learning attitude, willing to share knowledge and like communication

Optional but preferable:

  • Experience in secondary development based on open source projects, based on Hadoop ecosystem (Hive, HBase, Spark, Storm and other related technologies) experience in developing data service systems
  • Real-time data pipeline development experience, like spark, flink
  • Have experience on CI/CD and docker

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