Warehouse Team Assistant

Job description:                                                           

  • Supporting and standing in for the warehouse leadership on site.
  • Manages day-to-day relationships with multiple Service Providers and monitors respective metrics, including (but not limit) manpower contractor, facility and consumable suppliers.
  • Managing and driving the manpower demand plans, schedules, quality initiatives, process change initiatives and assist the business to achieve continuous improvements within its operating plan.
  • Managing warehouse ad-hoc, problem PO verification, bundle communication with shop ops team, system bug report, cs feedback, etc.
  • Support warehouse manager to manage a team within a very fast-paced/time-critical and demanding environment. Typically a team will consist of workforce from a variety of sources permanent/temporary and contract labour and the role holder must set the appropriate expectations with his/her team on managing the workforce in an appropriate, engaging and pro-active manner.


  • Experienced in working in the fulfilment warehouse industry and possess expertise and a solid understanding of operations.
  • Able to demonstrate good business judgment with a track record of successfully delivering quantifiable results.
  • Able and willing to work to flexible schedules/ shifts and commit the time required to get the job done.
  • Ideally you will have experience of managing 3rd party contract resource arrangements.
  • Verbal and written communication that is clear, concise and polished. 
  • Strong communication in both English & Mandarin for liaison with Chinese suppliers
  • Forklift license is required

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