1. Design and implement web back-end services using Python
2. Write high-quality, clean, maintainable code using engineering best practices
(unit testing, Version control, continuous integration, automation, design patterns, etc.)
3. Analyse requirements, design and develop features
Understand the product, constantly optimize the product, identify and fix problems, improve stability and user experience
4. Optimize application for maximum performance and scalability
5. Build reusable code and libraries
6. Collaborate with fellow developers, product managers, user experience designer, and operation engineers to build products with web technologies


1. Passionate about coding and programming, innovation, and solving challenging problems
2. Familiar with HTTP protocol
3. Familiar with performance tuning of Web Server, massive concurrency handling, and caching mechanisms
4. In-depth understanding of data structures, Database, and other computer science fundamentals
5. Familiar with Linux development environments
6. Hands-on experiences and knowledge on relational databases such as MySQL
7. Hands-on experiences in Python web frameworks and technologies such as Flask or Django
8. Knowledge in web security
9. Hands-on experiences in Agile / Scrum

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