Job Description:

  • Responsible for planning, researching, designing, and developing data products
  • Deeply understand the business needs and pain points of users to design and optimize metrics, visual presentation, and data models
  • Collaborate with business, engineering, and design teams to drive timely product development and launch
  • Ensure product performance stability after launch
  • Manage the end to end process including requirement understanding, research and analysis, product roadmap planning, feature design, and continuous optimization of user experience
  • Deliver high-quality Product Requirements Document (PRD) and user manual
  • Assist in the development of data operational strategies where needed



  • Bachelor Degree or above, major in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or equivalent
  • More than 3 years of experience in data product management from tech industry
  • Strong data sensitivity, knowledge of Big Data, familiar with various data analysis and processing approaches
  • Able to collaborate with different teams to drive product development and enhancement in order to meet business goals
  • Passion for technology and data, willingness to dive deep into the technical products we are building, and committed to learning and expanding technical knowledge
  • Excellent data analytical, logical thinking, effective communication and writing skills
  • Deep understanding of the E-commerce business is desirable

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