Shopee Postgraduate Program aims to nurture and groom outstanding students who believe in the transformative power of data science. Develop novel solutions with our experienced machine learning experts to solve real-world business challenges in the ever-changing ecommerce landscape, through further studies.

Supported under EDB’s Industrial Postgraduate Program (IPP) scheme, successful candidates will also receive full financial support for PhD program in local Universities together with attractive monthly salary.

Application Requirements:

  1. Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR);
  2. Meet the university's admission and academic requirements;
  3. Obtained Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering, Electrical, Electronic, Mathematics, Physics, or other related areas;
  4. Demonstrate strong interest in areas of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Graph, High Performance Computing, Risk Control, etc;
  5. Pass the internal interview process in Data Science;
  6. Commit at least 50% of your time in Shopee to work on relevant and useful projects.

As an IPP talent in Shopee, you will study in one of the local universities and value-add in meaningful research projects in collaboration with Shopee and your university of choice. Selected candidates will be mentored by at least one supervisor from his/her enrolled university and one co-supervisor from Shopee.


  1. Competitive salary for 4 years;
  2. Central Provident Fund (CPF) Contribution pegged to the prevailing employer's contribution rate set by CPF;
  3. Fully supported tuition fees and research funding for attending conferences etc. for 4 years;
  4. Other staff benefits, such as insurance, travel allowance, etc.

How to apply:

Please indicate your citizenship (Singapore Citizen or SPR), your CGPA (if applicable), and the university you are applying to for the Shopee Postgraduate Program.

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