Marketing PM team focus on designing strategy and solutions that drive the growth for Shopee. We design user journeys from onboarding, to product discovery, to make purchase decisions. We also work with both internal and external business partners to design solutions that maximise business ROI and operation efficiency.

Job Description:

  • Design products to driving user growth and retention, and increase customer lifetime value.
  • Design user journeys to facilitate and encourage users discover products via different channels such as curated product collections, KOL recommendations, live streaming, chat, and social sharing.
  • Design solutions that incentivize users to make purchase decisions while optimizing the cost of investment.
  • Drive operation efficiency by deeply understand the business team's concerns and their workflow. Use big data and AI technology to build innovative solutions that improve business decisions. 
  • Work with design and development team to translate our consumer insights and business know-how into products and systems that are impacting users daily life.
  • Work with business and data team to monitor product performance and iterate the design based on user feedback.


  • Candidates are expected to get customer insights for both buyers and sellers based on competitor studies, user interviews, and data analysis.
  • Able to use wire-frame or flowchart to illustrate design solutions in a logical and intuitive manner.
  • Passionate about problem solving, have strong curiosity about human behavior and motivation, eager to learn business operation logic.
  • Able to do proper project planning, track key milestones, and highlight potential risks.
  • Able to think both creatively and logically to solve complex business and design problems.
  • Work closely with design team for UX/UI mockups.
  • Work closely with business team to understand their requirements and business flow.
  • Work closely with development team to ensure the solution you design is properly implemented.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Marketing, Arts, Computer Science or a related technical field.
  • Care deeply about user experience and business impact for both Shopee and the ecommerce ecosystem.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Prior experience in CMS, CRM or campaign planning, or social media is a plus.
  • Understand data analysis metrics such as PV/UV/CTR/CR/GMV/ABS.
  • Able to think independently and understand the business reason behind your design.
  • 2 - 3 years working experience in a technical role is a plus but not compulsory.

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