Shape Therapeutics

Shape Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing breakthrough RNA technologies to shape the future of gene therapy. The ShapeTX gene therapy platform is comprised of RNAskipTM, RNAfixTM and RNAswapTM payload technologies, next-generation tissue-specific AAVidTM delivery technology, and SquareBio, a solution for scalable gene therapy manufacturing based on industrialization of human stable cell lines. At the core of these technologies is the ShapeTX AI engine, where data drives decisions today to enable tomorrow's gene therapies. ShapeTX is committed to data-driven scientific advancement, passionate people, and a mission of providing lifelong cures to patients. Shape Life!

At ShapeTX, we are a dynamic team of professionals who are dedicated and passionate about making cures a reality. Through diversity of thought, scientific knowledge, professional rigor and focus we are merging cutting-edge science with extensive drug development expertise to unlock cures to many debilitating diseases. Shape Therapeutics is headquartered in Seattle, Washington with a satellite site in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Cell and Vector Engineering