The partners at Seven Eight Capital have a long track record of successfully implementing quantitative trading strategies in the global equity markets and have delivered superior risk-adjusted returns regardless of market conditions. At Seven Eight Capital, research is about working with the smartest quants on Wall Street to better model the markets. Seven Eight is built on the idea of hiring the best research team we can, and enabling those researchers to reach their full potential. Machine Learning is critical to what we do, and we have significant in-house expertise to help keep us on top of the latest trends.

Do you want to learn about Risk Modelling, Alpha Generation, Portfolio Construction and Trade Execution? Our researchers can gain exposure to all parts of the business. And to enable our researchers, we have a top-notch technology group, producing the best tools available.

Ideal candidates will have the following skill sets:

  • BS / MS from top tier university with a focus on Statistics / Applied Math / Computer Science / Machine Learning & AI / Engineering.
  • Strong Python skills for conducting research
  • Programmer with strong hands-on OOP skills in C++ or Java.
  • Experience in Linux scripting is a plus.
  • Strong research skills, preference for research applied to large financial data sets.
  • A general understanding of optimization theory, linear / non-linear models, machine learning techniques and various financial models (Risk models & T-Cost models) is a plus.
  • Ability to clearly communicate, think independently and be an excellent problem solver. The position is well suited for an entrepreneurial spirit

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