If you aren't completely confident that you fit our exact criteria, please reach out anyways. Humility is a wonderful thing - we're at least as interested in your character as in your talent.


At sennder, we focus on automating and the digitalising of all road logistics. Today, we are Europe's leading freight forwarder offering access to our fleet of thousands of trucks to shippers. Technology is the backbone of our company, we are scaling up fast, and we are looking for talented engineers who want to take part in paving the way logistics is done in the future. 


As a Senior / Lead Data Engineer, you will work in our HQ in the heart of Berlin in one of our autonomous teams. We value strong engineering skills, deep understanding of business, full ownership, high velocity, collaboration, and initiative. 


You will work on

  • We make a leap from the monolith application into microservices, and the topics like asynchronous communications, data synchronisation, events, stream processing are getting more and more important. We need engineers with strong expertise in those subjects. 
  • You will work on introducing data pipelines and implementing patterns like change data capture, event streaming, etc.
  • You will be heavily involved in the setup and maintenance of the tools we choose together to build our data pipelines with Kafka or other data streaming technologies,
  • You will participate in decomposing our main Postgres database so that microservices and modules could own their respective data.
  • You will regularly support other data engineers with growing and maintaining data pipelines that empower our Business Intelligence and ML services.    


We want to see in you

  • You have solid practical experience (5+ years) in building data pipelines and data services. Python is our weapon of choice and we expect you to know it well.
  • Experience with the building blocks of modern data pipelines: Kafka, Protobuf, Apache Airflow.
  • Strong expertise in SQL. You will talk daily to Postgres and Snowflake: directly, via ORMs, or dbt.
  • You can code, microservices and APIs are not an unknown land for you. At sennder, we use Python, Django, and FastAPI.
  • You understand the importance of DataOps, have practical experience with containers, CI/CD, and data infrastructure.
  • Good communication skills in English.


We expect you to

  • Be mindful about your craft, “keep your saw sharp”, learn ways to improve your work, processes, and remove mundane routine by scripting and automation,
  • Be passionate about doing great work, and pragmatic about getting things done,
  • Be driven by data, build small prototypes to test assumptions, and do not buy into the latest hype and shiny labels. Linus Torvalds once said:  ”Talking is cheap. Show me the code.
  • Be a decent human being. Be willing to help other people, share your expertise, and  mentor.


We offer

  • Competitive salary,
  • As a startup, we have flexibility and alack of bureaucracy, you can have great impact and lay the foundations of our technological platform,
  • As a company with an established business model, we are stable, have real users, provide different options for professional and career development,
  • Usual employee’s perks: in-house gym, fruits and drinks, team and company events,
  • We treat people equally regardless of their background, sexual preferences, skin colour, and food tastes,
  • Flexible working hours and home office.


We are looking forward to your application!

At sennder we value commitment, team spirit, and your personal and professional development. Our mission is to offer our teams a diverse work environment by fostering a very friendly atmosphere and an energetic company culture. We enjoy to build and nourish long-lasting friendships across teams and often come together to plan fun events and activities.

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