About Senda Biosciences

Senda Biosciences, Inc. is uniquely positioned to transform human health by harnessing millions of years of evolution to program targeted, potent and tunable medicines. Nature has provided the codes to program human cells – both from within (mRNA) and from outside – from what surrounds them. The trillions of non-human cells in the human ecosystem have evolved natural nanoparticles that precisely shuttle biomolecules into human cells, providing the missing pieces to fully unlock programmable medicines. Senda’s proprietary platform includes the first-ever atlas of nature-derived programmable systems at the molecular level and across all kingdoms of life – accessing the entire code provided by nature required to program cells.  With this platform, Senda is developing a new class of SendRNA™ medicines.  The unique properties of these medicines create new frontiers for mRNA therapeutics and vaccines for infectious, genetic, autoimmune, and metabolic diseases and oncology indications – with further potential to transform the gene editing and protein-based therapy landscapes as well.  Based in Cambridge, MA, Senda was founded by Flagship Pioneering. For more information, visit sendabiosciences.com or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Position

The Head of Research Informatics is a leadership role accountable for providing vision around the design of Senda’s research digital strategy and the development of our digital backbone. The successful candidate will work across technical and scientific domains, establish a first-class, cloud-based data and systems architecture, as well as drive and deliver company-wide initiatives around FAIR data management practices and governance.

This scope of responsibility includes engineering, IT & digital and close-to-the-instrument bioinformatics. The successful candidate will act as the glue between wet and dry labs within the company, ensuring that digital solutions meet the acute needs of laboratory scientists, computational/data/ML scientists and senior management while aligning with long term strategic objectives.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Data and Engineering
    • Create and maintain a process map of all the ways data accumulates and flows into and throughout the company and its collaborators
    • Design a performant, scalable, cost-effective, integrated and secure architecture that supports the translation of raw data into information products that democratize company knowledge and speed-to-insight
    • Define how structured and unstructured research data are stored and organized
    • Define data models for foundational aspects of our research (e.g. entities, assays, relationships)
    • Define a build vs buy decision framework for key systems
    • Establish agile and flexible resourcing strategies for engineering projects
    • Establish engineering standards for the organization (e.g. languages, DevOps, etc)
    • Deliver data products to stakeholders
  • Core Informatics
    • Evaluate the need for, and if necessary, select, implement and/or maintain key research systems, including ELN, LIMS, sample registration and inventory
    • Collaborate with scientific leadership to establish standards around metadata, ontologies and reference datasets
    • Create automated pipelines to process raw instrument data to secondary-derived results suitable for analysis
  • IT & Digital
    • Collaborate with senior stakeholders to define a long-term digital strategy that aligns with and supports R&D business objectives
    • Grow and effectively maintain the company’s cloud environment
    • Establish overall governance, procedures and guidelines for digital aspects of the research team
    • Manage vendor relationships, including selection, purchases, licensing and ongoing management

Required Qualifications

  • PhD or Masters with 5+ years of industry experience or Bachelors degree with 10+ years of industry experience
  • 8+ years of software and data engineering experience, including architecture, DevOps, database/warehouse/lake design and API development
  • 2+ years working with AWS
  • Deep expertise with high dimensional data (e.g. NGS, MS2, etc)
  • Experience with evaluating, implementing and managing scientific data management platforms
  • Prior experience and record of accomplishment leading cross functional teams
  • Prior experience in successfully implementing, utilizing and leveraging external consultant management strategies
  • Ability to adapt to increasing scope and complexity of work brought on by growth/change and helps others manage through change
  • Strong written, oral and public speaking communication skills


Senda Biosciences is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Senda does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, veteran status, or any other status protected under federal, state, or local law.

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