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Senda Biosciences, Inc. is uniquely positioned to transform human health by harnessing millions of years of evolution to program targeted, potent and tunable medicines. Nature has provided the codes to program human cells – both from within (mRNA) and from outside – from what surrounds them. The trillions of non-human cells in the human ecosystem have evolved natural nanoparticles that precisely shuttle biomolecules into human cells, providing the missing pieces to fully unlock programmable medicines. Senda’s proprietary platform includes the first-ever atlas of nature-derived programmable systems at the molecular level and across all kingdoms of life – accessing the entire code provided by nature required to program cells.  With this platform, Senda is developing a new class of SendRNA™ medicines.  The unique properties of these medicines create new frontiers for mRNA therapeutics and vaccines for infectious, genetic, autoimmune, and metabolic diseases and oncology indications – with further potential to transform the gene editing and protein-based therapy landscapes as well.  Based in Cambridge, MA, Senda was founded by Flagship Pioneering. For more information, visit sendabiosciences.com or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Position

As a critical member of Senda Biosciences’ research team, the (Sr.) Research Associate, Discovery will assist in the development and execution of strategies to enhance Senda’s SendRNA programmable medicines, with a particular focus on messenger RNA production and analytical evaluation. The ideal candidate will have a strong foundational knowledge of and experience in RNA biology and assay development. Working as part of a cross-functional team comprising, biologists, computational biologists, and analytical and formulations scientists, the candidate will contribute to the development of foundational data and processes behind SendRNA programmable medicines.


  • Develop scalable workflows for the production and purification of mRNA
  • Regularly perform core mRNA QC assays and contribute to the development of additional QC assays
  • Maintain cell lines required for bioassays
  • Conduct bioassays to evaluate the performance of in vitro transcribed mRNA
  • Oversee operation of critical analytical equipment
  • Participate in the design and execution of studies and subsequent data analysis to establish the impact of messenger RNA (mRNA) features upon key downstream biological properties, including protein production and function.
  • Oversee mRNA production inventory management
  • Contribute to the culture of scientific excellence at Senda

Required Experience

  • BA/BS in engineering, bioengineering, biotechnology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology or a related field with >2 years of relevant experience
  • Experience building scalable molecular biology processes
  • Demonstrated tissue culture experience with a focus on the propagation and maintenance of mammalian cell lines
  • Expertise in molecular biology, including PCR, molecular cloning and in vitro transcription
  • Demonstrated experience with common protein bioanalysis techniques including ELISA, flow-cytometry, HTRF, Luminex, MSD, and western blotting.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform novel human-based, bio-assays
  • Success in juggling multiple simultaneous efforts.

Preferred Experience and Qualifications

  • Experience:
    • building high-throughput, reporter-based bioassays
    • with laboratory automation systems, including liquid handling automation
    • working with 3D cell culture, organoid experience preferred
    • working in the pharmaceutical / biotechnology space.
    • with bioburden and endotoxin testing


Senda Biosciences is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Senda does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, veteran status, or any other status protected under federal, state, or local law.

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