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Sempre is the only medication affordability solution that aligns patients, health plans, and patients with its two-sided marketplace and behavioral economics-based dynamic discounts, combined with SMS. Patients receive texts like, "If you pick up your medication by Sunday you'll pay $20. If you wait until next week, this goes up to $25." Our integrations with the pharmacy switch ensure that wherever our patients fill, they get our discounts, seamlessly at the point-of-sale. Sempre has patients in all 50 states across multiple chronic disease states, and we’re proud of our 15%+ improvement in adherence, 45%+ reduction in patient out-of-pocket costs, and 95 NPS.

Sempre works with leading national health plans as well as some of the largest pharmaceutical companies. We have raised capital from leading investors, such as Social Capital, Rethink Impact, and Blue Venture Fund, which represents the 35 Blue Cross Blue Shield health plans across the country.

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