About the role:

We are looking for an experienced Localization Development Manager develop and execute initiatives in Localization and development for all SEERA Brands .

Your responsibilities:

  • Work on developing a localization programs that fits the government's approach towards the area of localization 
  • Sign agreements with Saudi Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)
  • Work to bring financial support from HRDF
  • Activating HRDF, training, development and financial support
  • Identify jobs that can be easily localized 
  • Identify the jobs must be localized 
  • Keep develop and update company localization plans in line with HRDF new initiatives and  programs
  • Suggest recruitment resources for recruitment Department regarding hiring Saudis
  • Assist the recruitment department in recruiting Saudis and new graduates
  • Improve the company's relationship with the Ministry of Labor and HDDF
  • Maintain the localization percentages across Seera group 
  • Help Gov Relations team to maintain work visas quota 

About you:

  • He must have a bachelor degree in relative major 
  • Very good in data analysis 
  • Very good in communication and presentation 
  • Very good english language 
  • Will connected with Ministry of labor and HRDF 
  • Very good background about recruitment activity  
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