We are a microbial sciences company developing applications of microbes for both human and environmental health. We are headquartered in Venice, California with a presence in New York, Colorado, Taipei, The Netherlands, Canada, and Australia. Our team, collaborators, and advisory board include scientists leading their field with breakthrough discoveries in various areas of microbiome research, as well as marketers, brand builders, operators and storytellers who have worked across disciplines from razors to rockets. 


We founded our consumer life science brand, Seed, to disrupt the $60B+ global probiotics market by bringing much-needed science, precision, efficacy and education to the crowded and confusing global landscape of ‘probiotics.’ With the Company’s Scientific Board of leading microbiome researchers, clinicians and academic partners, we develop therapies and probiotic innovations across gastroenterology, dermatology, oral hygiene, pediatrics, women’s health, and nutrition. Our brand is often recognized not just for our science, but for our commitment to science communication and design. We’ve won awards such as Fast Company’s “World Changing Ideas” in 2019, 2020, and 2021; Time’sBest Inventions 2018,’ and a Webby for ‘Best Use of Stories on Instagram.’ 



You are an idea generator. Someone who will drive the strategic vision, creation and execution of integrated brand campaigns. You are a quick-witted, forward-thinking creative with the unique ability to fill the gap between culture, brand, growth, platform, mediums— with sharp, original, creative solutions. You are a hyper-collaborative, highly-energetic individual with the capacity to think on their feet and operate with effective, superior written and verbal communication skills.  You are inspired to crack empowerment through education and turn click-bait into meaning. You have told a lot of stories, written a lot of taglines, tweets, captions, and subject lines, and you’re ready for something that satisfies and expands and peeks your intellect, your soul, and of course, your microbiome.


The blank page does not scare you. It inspires you. A roadblock or is a challenge waiting to be solved. You look for the doors no one else can see. You understand that sometimes the team might not know what we want until we see it, so you keep a repertoire of groundbreaking ideas in your back pocket to present and inspire. You are electrified by what you learn in the depths of scientific research, and emerge with findings that inspire both the creative team and our external audiences. You are comfortable writing a brief to guide designers, copywriters and channel owners throughout the creative development process. Your ideas will be applicable to both our member and non-member communities, on and offline. You know the steps needed to bring ideas to life, pulling from your diverse range of experience in strategy, creative, and production, and you know how to scale ideas from 10⁹ down to 10⁻⁹ (you can be big vision one minute and the next double-click into the granular details to make it come alive). 


Writer and storyteller at heart, you create magic in the permutation of 26 letters, a handful of punctuation, and occasional, cleverly-placed emojis. You think in long form and short form and rap verses and poetry and everything in between and understand it’s about speaking to people in the way they want to be spoken to. You can get to the heart of a message in the fewest number of characters and thrive in the crafting of phrases that catalyze action. Words are powerful; you know exactly when and how to be subversive and provocative versus nurturing and expansive. You thrive in memes, haikus, hashtags, puns, metaphors and analogies—word play is your superpower. When we say TED meets Vox meets The Hustle meets Carl Sagan meets VICE, you know what we mean.


In this role, you will be responsible for conceptualizing creative campaigns and experiences that translate science to meet our audience wherever they are, while supporting brand, growth and internal culture needs. You thrive on the balance between different worlds: language and art, left brain and right, creativity and scale, ideation and production. 

Who you are:

  • 6+ years experience working in creative/campaign strategy either in-house or at an agency.
  • Experience building campaign strategies for new product and category launches.
  • Extraordinary crafter of beautiful language, using written expressions to translate your messages
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively with marketing, creative, design, and products teams in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to take feedback from a wide variety of team members
  • Passionate about storytelling and helping build a growing brand
  • From a 360 campaign idea to a video treatment to writing pithy copy for a product, event, app, or other marketing initiatives, you’re an agile and experimental creative writer. Curious, inquisitive, and obsessed with deep research— nerding out on the depths of new topics that you are not yet familiar with, inspires your best ideas.
  • You have a strong background in, interest, and experience in the multicultural marketplace. You’re on the pulse of multiple cultures, immersed in diverse communities and are able to identify real-time cultural trends, behaviors and passions across the landscape. You also know when you don’t know and seek other perspectives to round out your own. 
  • You can synthesize disparate ideas to create analogies, metaphors, and other narrative devices to communicate science and inspire a community.
  • Pragmatic. While you dream in outer space (or in the micro-verse) you are able to identify the steps needed to bring your ideas to life through production realities. You are comfortable with leading these steps alongside the team to ensure your ideas come to fruition. 
  • Passionate about developing never-been-done-before, headline capturing, award-winning, ming-gasmic concepts.
  • You understand the value of insights and you can leverage these insights to create a unique story across any format.


What you’ll do:

    • Research and define. 
      • Utilize internal Seed qualitative and quantitative data, as well as external observations and desktop research to create unconventional campaign narratives and strategies. 
      • Keep a pulse on the external world (social issues, climate change, politics, public health, supply chain, etc.) that may influence and inform strategic and creative decisions.
      • Work to deeply understand the science of the microbial world for Seed, SeedLabs and our therapeutics work to identify translational opportunities.
      • Rabbit hole and get lost in the depths of the microbial world to emerge with new ideas and ways to inspire our community.  
    • Develop creative strategy. 
      • Be the architect of larger creative concepts and narratives that translate microbial science to both our member and non-member communities across all channels (digital and IRL).
      • Collaborate with Marketing and Growth teams on strategic thinking for both brand and product campaigns.
    • Creative narrative development.
      • Develop campaign concepts and overall messaging that pushes the boundaries of the overall Seed ethos. 
      • Write and present creative concept briefs that inspire design and experience, while also connecting to overall strategic business goals.
  • Execute.
      • Communicate effectively and efficiently with many departments to ensure work is done in a timely manner and deadlines are met. 
      • You will help us find an awesome junior copywriter to support the execution of your ideas.
  • Learn and iterate.
    • Work closely with VP of Brand + Marketing and Director of Marketing Ops to develop intentional post-mortems of creative campaigns, learnings, and ideas for future iterations. 
    • Be a safeguard for projects that may be spiraling or moving in a direction that feels too esoteric. Spot inefficiencies, blockers, and challenges and suggest ways to overcome them with the wider creative team.  

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