About SecurityScorecard

SecurityScorecard's SaaS based platform enables enterprises to instantly rate and understand the security risk of companies, non-intrusively and from an outside-in perspective. We use an A-F rating scale. Companies with a C, D or F rating are 5 times more likely to be breached or face compliance penalties than companies with an A or B rating. Our platform is used by hundreds of customers for use-cases including self monitoring, vendor risk management, cyber insurance, board reporting, and M&A.

Headquartered in New York City, we are funded by top investors like Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures, NGP, Moody’s, Intel, and others. Our vision is to create a new language for companies and their partners to communicate, understand, and improve each other’s security posture.

About the role:

SecurityScorecard is looking for an energetic and inquisitive integrated marketing manager to join our team.  The ideal candidate for this role will have experience in and a clear understanding of utilizing data, analytics, metrics and statistics to drive demand at an accelerated growth rate and optimize campaign flows.  You will apply your experience in growth strategy, experimentation, funnel optimization, and performance marketing to help drive free and paying customers to experience SecurityScorecard’s offerings. This role will be responsible for coordinating cross-functionally with marketing’s functional departments to build cohesive and engaging integrated campaigns, explore and test new channels to extend campaign reach and to optimize campaign output and return on investment.  The Integrated Marketing Manager, reporting to the Director of Marketing Operations, will need to thrive in a fast-paced environment, be relentless in their pursuit to accelerate growth, adept at handling quick pivots and detail-oriented to manage complex projects.



  • A/B test everything, analyzing the behavioral and demand data to determine quick pivoting or increase acceleration as needed
  • Drive innovation and an aggressive experimentation approach to unlock value and fast-track demand creation & conversion.


  • Implement creative and effective ideas for bringing new leads into the funnel through online campaigns, channel marketing, technical webcasts, engaging email campaigns, etc.
  • Align, brainstorm, and coordinate resources cross functionally (marketing, sales, product, data teams) to help drive increased acquisition, prospect engagement, and customer growth while optimizing  campaign performance
  • Work collaboratively to develop an  AARRR (Acquisition – Activation – Retention – Referral - Revenue) workflow & implement processes at scale


  • Prioritize growth channels and help optimize existing ones
  • Create and refine effective programs that leverage prospect & customer behavioural data, and include a mix of triggered, targeted and broad educational campaigns.
  • Partner with key stakeholders to determine the appropriate growth metrics & KPIs that will be targeted and leverage both traditional and out-of-the-box solutions to increase results.


  • Identify key, measurable metrics (up sell, churn, etc.) for lifecycle programs encompassing a growth hacker mentality with the ability to test and scale rapidly.
  • Continuously evaluate the performance and ROI of campaigns, using data to make recommendations to adjust demand tactics and strategy accordingly. 
  • Measure the effectiveness of all prospect growth initiatives and key business drivers, in partnership with finance, data, and business intelligence teams
  • Provide visibility into learnings and impact to help develop organization-wide understanding of and enthusiasm for the strategic impact our offerings have on the business

Desirable Skills, Knowledge, and Experience

  • 6-9 years of marketing experience across multiple roles
  • Knowledgeable about referral marketing and being able to create exponential  growth
  • A deep understanding of users’ behavior and good customer experience
  • Highly analytical and data driven; able to personally dive deep into performance data to understand trends, variances, opportunities and threats
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with the ability to deliver simple and actionable analysis
  • Ability to effectively influence both external and internal stakeholders across all levels of the organization
  • Understanding conversion rate optimization (CRO) principles and growth hacks 
  • Cybersecurity experience is a plus
  • Budget planning and operations experience strongly preferred
  • Project management experience a plus

S[CORE]card Values

  • Solutions focused
  • Customer Centric
  • One Scorecard
  • Resilient
  • Embody Security DNA 

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