About the team

ScaleMonk is building a brand new commercial product that helps mobile-first companies scale distribution while maintaining a target return. By collecting post-install data from its clients, ScaleMonk is able to optimize in real-time the ad spend that goes to different campaigns across hundreds of mobile advertising channels. 

We track 1.8 billion device profiles and handle 1,000,000 ad requests per second with a 1 ms response time. We train ML models to directly control millions of dollars of ad spend. 

We have a small, tightly focused engineering team. We do daily stand-ups often followed by design jams with people focused on a common part of the project. Source code control is via git.

About the Role

This role has enormous impact. We are seeking experienced Data Scientists who are excited to work on very challenging problems and producing exceptional results. Data scientists at ScaleMonk understand the business context of their work, conceptualize solutions, extract and prepare data, create visualizations, develop models, write production-ready code, deploy algorithms and track their performance. The models we build are extreme and we go to great lengths to get a little extra performance. We are looking for the kind of person who wins Kaggle contests, not the kind of person who builds a model that is "good enough". You will work on a team with industry veterans.

What You'll Do

You'll be challenged with solving extremely hard problems from scratch. You'll be motivated by the value you generate to the business, not just the accuracy of your models. You'll also be an excellent teammate and strong collaborator with all members of the team. 

  • Develop behavioral models for billions of mobile users. 
  • Develop algorithms that deal with a variety of prediction tasks at scale. 
  • Explore new approaches to improving predictive power.
  • Deploy models into production and directly control spend. 
  • Collaborate with marketing managers, data engineers, and other data scientists to optimize the distribution of our products

What You'll Need

  • 3+ years of professional experience working as a Data Scientist
  • Knowledge of data science that is both broad and deep
  • Great coding skills, familiarity with scripting languages (Python, R), distributed computing (Spark, Presto, or Hive) and version control (Git)
  • Experience with both supervised and unsupervised learning, large data sets, multiple modeling approaches and domains are a plus
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • You like solving open and difficult problems for which there is no obvious solution
  • You are motivated by the value you generate to the business, not just the accuracy of your models
  • You communicate in a clear and effective way in different media
  • College degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, a related field, or equivalent relevant experience

Nice to Have

  • 5+ years of professional experience working as a Data Scientist
  • Experience in time series, hierarchical models, previous experience with product analytics
  • Experience developing systems in the ad tech ecosystem

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