Scale Computing

Our Story

When we started Scale a number of years ago, we were set on a clear goal: to help an underserved segment of the IT world. There are so many smaller businesses, school districts and municipalities that could do so much if only their IT infrastructure costs were reasonable and their technology user-friendly. So we set out to target the often misunderstood small to mid-sized business segment.

To be honest, there’s no “public glory” in serving this market: We rolled up our shirt sleeves and made a promise that we would offer our customers an IT infrastructure that would be as easy as plugging in a piece of machinery and managing one server.

Our Engineering Culture

Our culture has always been about having fewer, better engineers, so we have an exceptionally strong, but small engineering team. We’re focused, motivated, engaged and extremely productive. We have built a fantastic product that our customers absolutely love, and it competes successfully with products built by teams orders of magnitude bigger than ours.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of our customers or our UI. We build infrastructure; to use a buzzword, "software defined infrastructure". Making something as complex as our product easy to use is something that challenges us every single day. This is real technology with real challenges and hard problems to solve.

Our customers rely on our products to run their business, their school, their 911 system. It must work. Quality is very high on our list of priorities.

Current Job Openings


C++ Software Engineer
San Francisco
Senior Frontend Engineer
San Francisco

Finance and Administration

Information Technology


Channel Marketing Specialist
Indianapolis, IN


Technical Support

T1 Support Engineer