Mission of the Fulfillment Product Manager

Buying insurance is a complicated and onerous process that makes it hard for users to find the best insurance for them. Today 80% of insurance is sold over the phone. At Trellis, we are on a mission to make shopping for insurance as easy as shopping on Amazon. 

The insurance buying process has 3 main steps:

  1. Onboard - The user provides information about themselves
  2. Recommend - Trellis searches for and recommends the best offers for the user
  3. Fulfillment - The user provides supplemental information to get a final policy and complete their purchase

The Fulfillment PM’s mission is to make the insurance buying process as easy as possible after the user has selected an offer that they like.  


  1. Transform a phone-based insurance buying experience to be online
  2. Build tools for our insurance sales agents to make them more efficient
  3. Provide automated and personalized guidance to empower users to self-serve as much as possible

Outcomes from the Fulfillment Product Manager

  1. Enable online checkout for all insurers
    1. 30 days: Translate the offline checkout experience into online for 2 insurers
    2. 90 days: Write the plan and spec for how to pivot leads to another insurer if they disqualify with the currently selected insurer
    3. 365 days: Achieve adoption of the Fulfillment API that allows partners to embed a native online checkout experience; Build a system that educates users on picking the best set of coverages for their needs
  2. Empower our insurance agents with tech-enabled tools
    1. 30 days: Become a licensed personal lines insurance agent; Sell an insurance policy manually
    2. 90 days: Propose and launch 1 product change to improve agent efficiency
    3. 365 days: Develop a decision tool that increases agent sales by automatically helping agents decide which insurer to sell
  3. Cross-functionally manage and optimize the conversion funnel
    1. 30 days: Be able to articulate the different steps of the user’s journey from visitor to sale, including the online, lifecycle marketing, and agency experiences.
    2. 90 days: Identify and run 3 A/B experiments to run to increase conversion
    3. 365 days: Increase “offer click to sale” by 50% from growth experiments
  4. Fulfillment team’s product roadmap always filled with high-value projects, optimally prioritized
    1. 30 days: Understand & organize Fulfillment team’s inflight projects and 3 month roadmap
    2. 90 days: Draft the Fulfillment team’s quarterly OKRs, accurately estimating hypothetical project effort on the order of weeks; Primary author for all of Fulfillment team’s specs and PRDs 
    3. 365 days: Long-term (year+) roadmap for Fulfillment team defined


  1. Takes Ownership – able to generate product improvements and doesn’t wait to be told what to do. 
  2. Gets things done – able to navigate complexity and ambiguity to launch impact quickly
  3. Operations-minded – able to think about offline impact on agency operations of product changes
  4. Data-driven – able to rigorously think about data and use it to inform product decision-making. 


  1. 3+ years of PM experience
  2. (Preferred) PM Experience with growth (i.e. conversion funnel optimization)

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