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The Samsung AI Research Centre in Toronto is looking for research scientists, research engineers, and PhD interns. Our centre is one of seven Samsung AI centres around the world and part of the larger Samsung Research organization. Our lab consists of about 30 research scientists and engineers in the fields of computer vision, NLP, and systems, including a constant stream of visiting faculty and interns. We work at the intersection of fundamental research and industrial applications, with the goal of publishing our research at the most elite scientific venues and having a product impact on Samsung.

One area of interest for us is image manipulation on mobile phones. With the recent advances in computational photography, mobile phones can already take photos of exceptional quality. We aim to further improve on that quality and add exciting new image manipulation capabilities using modern computer vision and ML tools, such as burst photography, GANs, and implicit representations. We are looking for junior research scientists and PhD interns who are interested in working with us on this exciting problem. Ideal candidates would already have some exposure to low-level computer vision and ML tools, be motivated to work on cutting-edge research with practical applications, and be strong independent researchers.

Another area of interest is video understanding, including searching and interacting with instructional videos, livestream video task monitoring, and activity modelling and recognition. Addressing these challenges in a weakly supervised, real-time setting not only requires a deep understanding of cutting-edge ML and CV tools and techniques, but also the creative combination of visual and linguistic modalities, as well as addressing challenges in human-AI interaction. We are looking for experienced researchers with a strong background in the above-mentioned subfields of AI, along with a curiosity to learn how to bring these pieces together to solve real-world problems.

Current Job Openings

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